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Bank Negara Indonesia, better known as BNI, is an Indonesian bank. It branches primarily in Indonesia, but it can also be found in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and New York. By 2006 the bank already had 1,000 branches and 9 million customers. It is quoted on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as IDX: BBNI. Its market capitalization as of 12 March 2007 was 23.8 trillion rupiah, which is approximately $2.6 billion dollars.

BNI Internet Banking

BNI’s online banking services allow customers to manage their accounts very easily, no matter where they are or what time it is. E-Banking is a safe, quick, and easy way to pay bills, transfer funds, and view reports right from the comfort of your home or office.

BNI Internet Banking Features and Rates:

- Transfer between BNI accounts (Free of charge)
- Transfer to Other Banks – Clearing (Rp 5,000)
- Transfer to Other Banks – RTGS (Rp 17,500)
- Bill Payments (Free of charge)
- Bill Payments PLN (Rp 3,000)
- Telkom bill payment, Postpaid Flexi, Speedy (USD 2,500)
- Purchase Prepaid Voucher (Free of charge)
- Administrative Use of BNI’s eSecure system (Charged only 1 time at the beginning) ($ 10,000)

Specification Limit:

- Transfers between accounts BNI (Rp 100.000.000, -)
- Clearing (Rp 99,999,999, -)
- RTGS (Rp 100.000.000, -)
- Reload (Rp 2.000.000, -)
- Bill Payments – (Free – according to the number of charge / customer desires)

Bill Payment Services include the following:

- BNI Credit Card
- Non BNI Credit Card
- HALO Telkomsel
- MATRIX Indosat
- Xplor Excelcomindo
- Telkom
- Postpaid Flexi
- Speedy
- Flight Tickets
- Cost of Education

To start using BND’s online banking services you’ll first have to sign up, once you have your customer information you can sign in via the Bank’s login page.

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