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The Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) is an India-based bank established in Lahore, it is one of the most important banks in India in the public sector. The bank is best known for offering high quality products and services such as internet banking, phone banking, NRI banking and more. There’s a catch though, the bank does not allow online banking access from outside India.

OBC is currently implementing a GRAMEEN PROJECT in Dehradun District (UP) and Hanumangarh District (Rajasthan). The bank has a unique feature of disbursing small loans ranging from Rs. 75 (~US $1.5) and onwards. Interestingly, most beneficiaries of the Grameen Project are women.The Bank is also known for helping people become self-employed, and for helping them increase their income levels.

Another interesting project that the bank implemented was ‘The Comprehensive Village Development Programme’, which focuses on providing a comprehensive and integrated package providing rural finance to the villagers with Village Development as its focus.

OBC Internet Banking:

“Oriental Bank’s iBanking Services were created to maximize customer satisfaction. The Oriental Bank’s iBanking Services are available to all the customers of bank branches under Centralized Banking Solution (CBS). Authorized customers can view their various accounts at anytime, no matter where they are. iBanking Services are offered free of cost to all customers and can be availed by any Saving/ Current/ CC/ OD account holders. Only Query based facilities shall be provided to Jointly operated Savings/ Current/ OD/ Company accounts. Transaction facility shall not be provided for such accounts. The iBanking URL is”

If you have already received a user-id & password, follow the steps below to login:

1. Visit and click on the Oriental Bank’s iBanking Link or go to

2. Enter your user-id and sign-in Password to authenticate yourself.

3. It is mandatory for you to change the passwords (Both Login and Transaction passwords) allotted to you. You need to first type in the Password given in the mailer to do so.

4. Enter a new password of your choice and then confirm it by typing it again.

5. Click ‘UPDATE’ to confirm the change.

6. Browse through various options, in case of any transaction viz Fund Transfer etc, you will need to enter your transaction password to authenticate the transactions.

You can now continue using Oriental Bank’s i Banking – the most comprehensive, safe and easy way to access your account.

Features and Services:

1. Account Related Operations for all the accounts in the CBS branches

– Online Balance Inquiry
– View transactions
– Statement of Account – For a given period, range of Cheque nos & Amount
– Cheque Status Inquiry
– Clearing Instruments Inquiry
– Stop Payment of Cheques

2. Fund Transfer Operations

– Funds Transfer to own accounts
– Funds Transfer to other accounts within CBS Branches of OBC
– 3rd Party Funds Transfer to other Bank’s accounts


– Min. Amount : Rs. 100/- per transaction
– Max.Amount : : Rs. 3,00,000/- per transaction
– Per day Maximum: Rs.5,00,000/-

3. Payments

External Payments viz. IRCTC (For Railway Reservation) and for Funds Transfer Facility for Shares purchases.

The Bank Charges Rs.11/- per ticket (including Service Tax)

4. Mails

– Customers can send mails for clarifications/queries on Internet Banking.
– Relationship Manager at IBC, Secunderabad gives reply to the queries and requests made by customers in 12 hours.

5. Activity

– Customers can view all activities performed by them during a given period of time.

6. Customize

– Change your passwords
– Add Nick names to your accounts
– Select primary accounts in case you have many accounts
– Change preferences such as Date Format, Amount Format, Add email id, Change your Greetings message etc.

Quick Recap, To start using the OBC Internet Banking service you need to register for Oriental Bank’s iBanking Services, and then you will need to get your user-id and passwords which will allow you to access your account via the Internet. Do not forget that iBanking services are offered free of cost.

External Resources:

- OBC iBanking

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