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Rabobank is a financial services provider with offices worldwide. Their main location is in the Netherlands. Rabobank is a global leader in Food, Agri financing and sustainability-oriented banking. In Netherlands there are 141 independent local Dutch Rabobanks, a central organization (Rabobank Nederland), and a large number of specialized international offices and subsidiaries. Global Finance currently ranks Rabobank 8th in its survey of “the world’s safest banks”.

Rabobank Internet Banking

Internet Banking is Rabobank’s online banking service which allows customers to have more control of their money, at any time, no matter where they are located. Rabobank internet banking provides customers the type of access that everyone needs. The site uses secure technology and it opens up a wide range of options to make banking easier. As a customer, you can view your account information and transactions, make payments, transfer funds and much more.

Features and Benefits:

- View up-to-date details of your accounts including account summary and transaction history.
- Request transactions and make enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Make payments from your accounts to nominated or third party accounts.
- Set up your own payee lists for use across all accounts to which you are linked.
- Transfer funds between your accounts.
- Book fixed interest rates up to 10 business days in advance on some loans.
- Import and export payment files from your financial management software.
- Make temporary principal reductions on some loan accounts.
- Enquire about your accounts via our secure mail service.
- Manage your own delegated users including ‘two-to-sign’ transaction functionality.
- Impose restrictions on your own delegated users.
- TrustDefender Pro (An extra layer of online banking protection with TrustDefender Pro for free).

To start using Rabobank’s online banking service you first have to register, once you’ve registered you can visit your local Rabobank website to login with your username and passcode.

Your passcode is a combination of two numbers:

PIN (the first 4 digits) – you can obtain your PIN (personal identification number) by phoning our Rabobank internet banking info line on 1800 640 442 (8.30am – 6pm, Monday to Friday), (or or +61 2 8115 2002 if calling from outside Australia) You are requested to change your PIN the first time you login.

Token number (the last 6 digits) – for this you need your identification token. The token generates a unique random code every 60 seconds. You must enter the number that is shown on the token at the time of login. Each time you login you will enter a different number.

Local Rabobank Websites:

- Netherlands
- Belgium
- Ireland
- Australia
- New Zealand

Rabobank Internet Banking Australia:

- Login

External Resources:

- IB Pages

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